Neon Neon Mural Design Presented by Lebanon’s Youth Council


Haley Pierce , Editor

Most of us in Lebanon get tired of having nothing to do. Over the 2019 and 2020 school year, students that are a part of the youth council partnered with our mayor, Matt Gentry, Joe Lepage, Amy Hammerle, and local artist Scott Trafford to come up with a mural design that reflected a fun spin on our high school’s culture and traditions.

Irene Pollard, senior at Lebanon High School, was just one of the students involved in this project.

“Our plan was to have something for Lebanon to see what makes our town what it is and to include traditions with things that go on throughout our community,” said Pollard.

Abbie Thomas, junior at LHS, is another student that is on youth council and she got to be a part of this project as well.

“We came up with ideas for where the location was going to be, what the message was going to be and what the colors were going to be. We then met with Mr. Trafford and told him our ideas and he then came up with a few mock ups. We then finally came up with a final product,” said Thomas.

“The location had to be moved many times and we had to plan a lot but we decided on going with a neon retro theme so it can stand out. We included things like a trike for the time trike race we have, the candelabrum and things from past graduating classes in the mural. We wanted it to be really inclusive,” said Pollard.

Khushi Patel, senior at LHS, had the idea of asking the people of the community what they wanted to see and told them to add suggestions to the mural.

“My favorite thing about the Lebanon youth council mural and working with Scott Trafford was the experience in which he brought. The council was able to present this idea to a city council meeting and we even had a ribbon cutting ceremony for its reveling. It was refreshing to work with someone who understood the youth perspective and could translate our ideas into art so well. We wanted to create a retrofitted story of what Lebanon represents with bright modern twist, and Scott helped us do just that,” said Patel.

The final ribbon cutting happened in September 2020 and the mural is located on the Big 4 Trail, just west of Patterson Street and the CSX Railway Underpass in Lebanon.

“We felt this space was the best so there is a new picture spot in Lebanon and it is a spot for people to remember and enjoy forever,” said Pollard.