Vaccine or Not?

Hallie Montgomery, Editor

A lot of people have been contemplating whether or not to get the vaccine. Maybe you saw it on social media, a friend, or have silently been wondering about it to yourself. Many have heard multiple things about the COVID-19 vaccines which might be making you wary of getting it.

Many people have voiced their concerns all over about side effects, myths, and how quickly the vaccine came available.

“Health experts responded quickly to the virus because vaccine makers had already been working for years to develop an approach to making vaccines against new viruses. I would get it because I simply don’t want COVID,” said senior Lauren Gascho.

Tens of thousands of people have received the vaccines in clinical trials and every day thousands more are getting it. According to the Michigan Health Lab, everyone is being asked to track and report any symptoms they experience.

“I don’t want to die, I want to get the vaccine because I haven’t seen my family in months since I am at risk to COVID,” said Ms. Hill.

The COVID-19 vaccine includes two doses. There are mild side effects that can happen within the first three days after vaccination. Mr. Millar has received the first vaccine as of now and hasn’t had any side effects.

“I got the vaccine here in Lebanon at the 4H fairgrounds. I got it because I don’t want COVID, I am at very high risk,” said Mr. Millar.

Many teachers and those at higher risk leaned to say they would get the vaccine versus the majority of younger kids who voted no to getting the vaccine. A recent poll of 285 people in the Lebanon community voted on whether they would get the vaccine or not. There was 37% for yes while 63% said no.

Many young adults and kids aren’t at high risk and tend to say they wouldn’t get the vaccine simply because getting COVID wouldn’t affect them. Due to the majority of the younger age group not being at risk, they will likely be able to get the vaccine in the final group to receive it.

“They don’t know the long-term side effects and I feel like If I got COVID it wouldn’t affect me at my age,” said junior Irene Ransom.

There are many hesitations towards getting the vaccine but at the end of the day, its ultimately your decision to get it or not