How Juniors Feel About their Upcoming Senior Year

Leah Bashor , Reporter

Just a couple more months and the 2020-21 school year is over. As we finish off these last few months of the school year, how are the juniors feeling about their senior year?


Kobe Ottinger has heard many things about senior year, including the assignments and homework.


“I have heard that senior year is pretty easy and this makes people start to slack off and get behind on their homework assignments,” said Ottinger. Although Ottinger is nervous that could happen to him he is very excited for his last year and he cannot wait to graduate.


Cade Morton has been told senior year is pretty easy as long as you don’t get behind on your homework. Morton is more worried about how covid may impact his senior year.


“Sadly I think my senior year will be the same as this year. I don’t think covid will every really go away and I think that it will definitely impact my senior year,” said Morton.


Clara McQueen is very excited for her senior year and she thinks it will be pretty much back to normal as well.


“I am very excited for my senior year, I cannot wait to graduate and go to college. I think my senior year will be pretty normal so I am excited about that. I think the numbers will start to go down because of vaccines and we can start doing normal school things again,” said McQueen


Kiersten Dallas is scared for senior year and how quick it is going to go.


“I am not ready for college and beyond yet, senior year is going to go by too quick and I don’t think I’ll be ready. I have heard senior year is pretty easy and you don’t do much but if you get behind on work it can be hard to get caught up,” said Dallas.


Although senior year is pretty nerve wracking, it is going to be so exciting to graduate and hopefully have a somewhat normal senior year!