Pacers Update


Haiden Gibbs, Reporter

The Indiana Pacers are currently back on the winning side of the table as they have won the last three out of their four games, which before they had lost the six of their last seven games. They could thank this winning to none other than their MVP of the season, Domantas Sabonis. He has been averaging 25.25 points during this four-game span and has been putting on a show, which hasn’t been recognized by the fans of the league.


“Sabonis is one of my favorite players in the league. He’s definitely one of the top power forwards in the NBA right now. If he doesn’t make the All-Star team I’m going to be upset,” said junior Drew Terrill.


“Domantas is a really good basketball player from what I’ve heard. I don’t watch basketball much but I am a Pacers fan and I hear lots of good things about him,” said senior Jessica Lehmkuhler.


Another person that they can thank to their success in both this four-game span and the rest of the season is their starting center, Myles Turner. He is currently the top shot blocker in the league, with a total of 94 blocks, just beating out a previous Defensive Player of the Year, Rudy Gobert, who has 87. At the pace Myles Turner is going at now, he is going to have an amazing shot to be able to win this year’s Defensive Player of the Year.


“Myles is a top shot blocker in the NBA, which is why he should be DPOY this year. I’d take Turner over Gobert any day of the week,” said junior Max Williams.