Spring Break Plans


Haiden Gibbs , Reporter

Spring Break is normally a time of the year where families take a week off of whatever they have going on in their lives; work, school, life. The pandemic of Covid-19 now has the possibility of taking that break away from these families for the second straight year as the world is still considering this virus as a pandemic. As such, some of the students and faculty here at LHS putting spring break on hold so they are not putting both themselves and their families at risk of contracting the virus.


“I will be either painting or we’re getting ready to remodel our master bathroom so I might be doing that. There’s no point in risking anything right now,” said teacher Mr. Smock.


“My mother really wants to go to Florida right now but I don’t know if that’s going to happen because of the whole Covid thing. I also don’t want to have to risk the health of any of my family just to go to Florida for a week,” said teacher Mr. DeBard.


When going to another state for visiting there’s always some precautions that should happen. One of which is making sure that you are always wearing a mask since the threat of the virus could be stronger of a factor than what it would be back at home. Another precaution that you should take is making sure to wash your hands after every time you go out and do something or you could even carry hand sanitizer with you at all times.


“I’m not going anywhere I don’t think. At least I haven’t talked to my friends about it. But all I have to say about spring break is if you do decide to go make sure you wear your mask and wash your hands because I don’t want to go back to normal schedules,” said senior Josh King-Riner.