March 2nd: Teen Mental Wellness Day

March 2nd: Teen Mental Wellness Day

Madison Vanhowe , Reporter

March 2nd was World Teen Mental Wellness Day. The day was created in 2020 to help raise greater awareness of mental health and to remove stigmas around teen mental health. The day was also created to show that even if you may not be struggling, someone around you may need help and your mental health is still just as important.


“Teen Mental Health is important because we are able to get more accomplished when our mental health is better and we have more motivation.” said Junior, Allis Krakowiecki. “The work we put out is done better and we can be better prepared for the future.”


According to the American Psychological Association, Gen Z (generally individuals 6-24 years old) has the worst mental health condition of any generation. Before Covid-19, 20% of youth and teens in the United States were treated for a mental health condition.


“To maintain a good mental health and keep myself happy I go to the gym and paint.” Said Junior, Sofia Argotte. “I also enjoy listening to music when feeling stressed out.”


By raising awareness about mental health and the importance of self-care, we can provide a safe space for our students. If you or a loved one is facing a hard time and need help, you can visit one of the counselors here at LHS in Student Services or call the National Suicide Hotline at 1-800-273-8255.



Insightful Messages to Help you Get Through a Bad Day:


  • You are unique and this world needs YOUR talents!
  • Even when it is dark and gloomy outside, the sun is still shining. Have hope.
  • Your generation is the future, we need you and you are destined for greatness.
  • Hang in there – it gets better!
  • You are loved.
  • Keep holding on, you can do this!
  • The comeback is always stronger than the setback.
  • You are powerful, beautiful, and brave.
  • Great things take time, never give up.
  • A little progress everyday adds up to big results.
  • You matter.