MLB Offseason Heats up


Garrett Harker, Sports Editor

Now that Spring Training has started Major League Baseball has continued to make moves to improve their respected teams. In the last couple weeks, there have been many big signings or moves throughout the league.


Many teams are trying to continue to build their own “championship team”. For some that means spending big money on a player for the next ten or so years to continue to make money or make their team even better. Major League Baseball teams will continue to make moves to make themselves money for ticket sales, jersey sales, season ticket holders, and overall, their franchise becomes more and more famous.


“In my opinion I love the offseason because it is very exciting to see where the big names go and how they will affect the team during the season,” said Ethan Cauffman.


The biggest signing around the league in the last couple weeks was Fernando Tatis Jr. signing a massive deal of 14 years $340 million dollars. Some say he is the new face of baseball because of the flare and excitement he brings to the game and that is why everyone is in love with him including the San Diego Padres. The Padres secured somebody that will continue to give them a chance to win a championship and to also make them a lot of money during the season with jerseys and tickets.


“I think that Tatis is great for the game because he continues to inspire young kids to play with excitement and energy,” said Sam Cadle.


Another deal that was heard around the league was signing veteran Yadier Molina back to the Cardinals for one year $9 million dollars. Some say he is a first ballot Hall of Famer and one of the best catchers of all time. Molina has done a lot for St. Louis since his debut in 2004 and has been a part of the last couple World Series wins for the Cardinals. As long as he is behind the plate for St. Louis, he will always impact them in a positive way.


Major League Baseball will continue to make big moves until the season begins so expect many more big money signings and trades in the next couple weeks before the regular season begins in April.