NCAA Conference Tournaments

Brayton Bowen, Reporter

The beginning of March is upon us, and many of us are excited for just the beginning of the month-long session of conference tournaments and eventually NCAA tournament games all day. From the sixteen seed over one seed upset, the fifteen seed over two seed upsets, to the “cinderella’ teams like the 2019 Loyola-Chicago Ramblers who made the Final Four as the 11 seed in a very tough region, and many heart-break careers end for some players.


Now, before all that, we have to get through the “fluff” before we can get into the real fun. Conference tournaments are huge in the way that if you win your conference tournament, you can get an automatic bid into the NCAA tournament. This meaning that “bubble” teams can be bumped in or out of the tournament based on if a team that was not projected to be in the NCAA tournament wins their conference tournament.


The smaller conference tournaments, meaning the non-power five conferences such as the Sun Belt, Southern, Ohio Valley, Missouri Valley, ASUN, Big South, CAA, Horizon, Northeast, Summit, West Coast, and Sun Belt conference tournaments were played last week. Meaning that 12 out of the 68 bids have already been locked. Also for reference, according to, there are still 20 other division one conferences that still have to play out their conference tournament to find out who is getting an automatic bid.


All conference tournaments will be played out this week, and some games will have been played as you are reading this. Junior Kobe Ottinger said, “The Big Ten tournament will be the most fun to watch because anyone can beat anyone. There are so many good teams and I would not be surprised if one of the top seeds does not win the tournament.” The other power five conferences will be interesting as always as well, the ACC is wide open, the PAC-12 does not have a clear dominant team, the Big 12 has too many good teams to decide, and the SEC also does not have multiple teams that jump off the page as favorites.


March is always an extremely fun time as fans are left on the edge of their seats even if their team is not playing. Buzzer-beaters and upsets are what make March the best, and I cannot wait.