Senior Dinner Party


Hallie Montgomery, Editor

Senior Dinner Party was on March 20th held in the Herman B. Wells Community Center and it was a night to remember for our seniors.

The night started with a Candelabrum Ceremony which is where our senior student council light candles which was the 92nd year of the Candelabrum Ceremony.


The night was planned by the class council which consists of Natalie Dafoe, Bethany Wilson, Evan Wolfgang, Jennah El-Shahat, Matthew Keith, Hunter Lietz, Jessica Lehmkuhler, and Khushi Patel. They also had assistance from Sarah Huse, Irene Pollard, and Summer Stogsdill.

After that, everyone got their food and enjoyed the dinner entertainment fromElizabeth Holmes, TJ Cottrell, Tucker Ransom and Nathan Allen.

As the night went on, the senior class prom queen and king were announced which was queen, Sarah Huse and king, Will Dafoe.

Ms. Anne Helkey is the senior class sponsor and helped play a huge role in pulling the dinner party off within a few weeks of planning. Without her and the class council, we would not have had a dinner at all.

“After meeting many times last year, our class council saw what had been a blueprint for the event become a cancellation. In early March, we were told that we could bring it back to life, but we had 15 days to do it before our open date. Because of this, we met almost every day, facetimed outside of school, sold tickets before school, and worked all the way up until the last minute before it started to provide something worthwhile for the best class yet. A lot of work was put into it; Mrs. Helkey also put in a big amount of help. But this group is more than happy to work hard if it means that we get to make some of the best memories yet,” said Natalie Dafoe.


This special group class council portrayed such amazing things at the dinner even during a global pandemic. Each table was decorated, a throwback video of the class was played, and we did a group Kahoot on superlatives.

“We’ve been working together as a council since freshmen year, but our time collaborating spans far earlier. We’re a unit now- a team that knows instinctually, at this point, what to do to help each other and make things happen. Like an old married couple at times, we we’ve worked amazingly well since the beginning, and I truly love and am in awe of every member of the council and our team. Together, we have created so many beautiful things, and I will miss every one of them when we graduate. There is just such skill, love, and passion in these people,” said Evan Wolfgang.

Many seniors enjoyed their night because it was finally the first senior event. It was also rememberable because a lot of the class hasn’t seen everyone in a while due to a lot of students graduating or switching to online.


“I liked SDP because it was a last time for our full grade to spend some time together before we all go separate ways,” said Jaelie Mitchell.