NBA Trade Grades


Brayton Bowen, Reporter

The NBA always seems to excite around the trade deadline as players on teams with sub .500 records request trades, and players on winning teams try their best to convince their front office to acquire those players on the sub .500 teams. This NBA trade deadline was absolutely no different.

Probably the biggest name that swapped cities was 2018 NBA MVP James Harden. Harden had spent the last eight and a half years in Houston with the Rockets, making the All-Star Game in all eight complete seasons that he played in Houston. Harden was part of the massive four team deal that included the Houston Rockets, Brooklyn Nets, Indiana Pacers, and Cleveland Cavaliers.

To start, this trade was focused around the Brooklyn Nets to try and make the Nets the next “super team,” as last seen in Golden State with the Warriors. The Nets acquired NBA scoring leader when in Houston, James Harden, as well as a whole bunch of first round pick swaps that do not really affect the Nets now, but could in years to come.

The Nets sent very young and talented Caris LeVert to the Houston Rockets, who eventually ended up with the Indiana Pacers. They also sent young big man Jarrett Allen to the Cleveland Cavaliers. Other than that, the Nets did not give up all that much considering that the Nets now have in many people’s eyes the best all-around offensive player in the NBA, James Harden. With that being said, this grade is a no-brainer… A.

The Houston Rockets were the main receivers in this trade in terms of quantity. Now, if we are talking quality of the trade grades, this would be an F. The Rockets have currently lost 20 games in a row, that speaks for itself. But in the eyes of who and what picks the Rockets got in return for Harden, this is a B. Victor Oladipo is a 20 points per game scorer, all the pick swaps with Brooklyn, and the first rounder that the Rockets got back from the other three teams only seems to make you think that the Rockets are in a complete rebuild.

“If the Nets do not win the championship this season, the Nets will be laughable considering all the talent that the Nets now have,” said junior Drew Terrill.

For the Cleveland Cavaliers, A. The Cavaliers gave up virtually nothing besides a pick and a player who barely gets five points per game, and in return, they got Jarrett Allen and Taurean Prince. Jarrett Allen is a rising star to say the least and he ought to blow up in Cleveland.

The last team involved in this four-team trade was the Indiana Pacers. The Pacers gave up Victor Oladipo to Houston and received Caris LeVert, as well as a second-round pick. Little did LeVert and the Pacers know, LeVert had a small mass in his kidney, which could have been cancer. But, LeVert had the mass removed very quickly and just stepped floor for the Pacers for the first-time last week. LeVert is seeming to almost put the pieces of the puzzle together for the Pacers as the they have won a couple games in a row with LeVert averaging close to 15 points per game in the blue and gold. As of right now though, the Pacers are still under .500, so a B is fair considering that there are plenty of games left for the Pacers to get back in the playoff hunt.