Parents For The Weekend


Riley Jump , Reporter


LHS offers a child development class for students that include a baby simulation project. For this project, each student is given a robot baby that requires being fed, cared for, and changed. During the weekend, the baby is taken home and graded based off how well it is cared for. This project is a major one for the class that impacts the way many of the students view parenting.


“This is one of the most beneficial projects we are able to do for the child development class. Having these babies that are as close to real life infants as possible gives the students a chance to experience real life experiences and struggles of taking care of a child,” said Ms. Hines.


Many of the students learned how stressful an infant is and said that it was one of the hardest weekends they had. Because the babies would wake up in the middle of the night crying and needing to be fed, many of the students in the class were very frustrated with the project.


“This project was so much harder than I thought. I barely got any sleep and had to skip a lot of things during the weekend to take care of the baby. Although it was stressful, it was a project that changed the way I look at babies and parents,” said senior Skylar Bilderback.


For some people, the project was a lot easier than expected. However, the view of parenting changed for the students as well.


“I heard from a lot of other students that the project was super stressful for them, but for me it wasn’t as bad as I expected. Having this baby made me realize how hard being a parent really would be,” said sophomore Maiya Newsom.