ICP Open for the Season

ICP Open for the Season


When the weather gets warmed, everybody loves to enjoy some ice cream with friends. On March 10th , Ice Cream Paradise here in Lebanon opened up for the season. Being a very popular ice cream shop, many Lebanon High School students and teachers visit ICP after school.


“I enjoy going to Ice Cream Paradise because they have outdoor seats for me and my friends to eat out ice cream after a hot tennis practice,” said junior Irene Ransom.


This family-owned ice cream shop has always been a hit in the summertime. Not only do they have ice cream, but they have slushies and snacks as well.


“I get excited when ICP opens because I love their slushies and going there with my friends,” said sophomore Caleb Newsom.


ICP opened first in 1984, and has been a family favorite since then. This ice cream shop also has playgrounds and picnic tables for parents and their children to enjoy in the warm weather. Some older kids also enjoy the aspects of the outdoor features at ICP.


“ICP has my favorite ice cream out of all of the places in town. Also, they have swings which make it even better, but I am sad that they got rid of the fire station play house,” said junior Riley Newman.


As the weather gets warmer, everyday becomes a perfect day for ice cream.  Now that ICP is open for the season, many people will spend their time there for sweet treats.