Travel Concern

Hallie Montgomery, Editor

As spring break approaches, many spring breakers are looking forward to sunny destinations. Meanwhile, others are also staying home concerned while the CDC recommends that you don’t travel at this time


“I am concerned to get COVID because I am going through so many states to get to California. I am also worried about other people traveling that will bring it back home,” said Morgan Kasey.


Although we have some students concerned about break, we also have others that are still worried but also want to spend their last break doing something fulfilling.


“I am going to Florida for break because I want to. I also want to have a fun good break,” said Lexi Trepcos.


The most concerning travel reason is students losing activities due to others not being safe while on break. Travel increases your chance of spreading and getting COVID-19 due to the potential exposure on your public transit.


“I am scared to go back online and people not being safe while being away. I want track and prom to happen,” said Maggie Scott.


When it comes to previous breaks, we haven’t come back to school with a huge rise of COVID cases but this will be the first break that we are supposed to come back to school still going five days a week.


“I’m not anxious because we all did pretty good for the previous breaks before so I’m not really worried,” said Kobe Ottinger.


A poll of 180 people showed that the majority of people aren’t worried about the COVID concern with spring break. 140 voted that they aren’t worried about spring break while 42 voted that they are.