Prom Hair Styles

Prom Hair Styles

Mya Folden, Reporter

As the season of prom is coming up and girls are starting to prepare how they are going to do their hair/makeup.

“I’m planning to do more of an updo for my prom hair,” said junior Sydnie Stevenson

Updo looks are more of the popular hairstyles for special events like prom because you can do them for short, medium, and long hair.

“I’m doing an updo look because it will go well with my dress and I feel like you can’t go to a prom without an updo,” said Stevenson

Not only are updo looks popular for prom hair so are half up half down/down looks

“I’m planning on doing a down look for prom with some braids in it so go well with my dress and having my hair down is what compliments my face the most,” said Senior Jaelie Mitchell

You also can’t have prom hair without cool braids and fishtails in your look

“I’m wanting to have braids in my hair so it adds something fun and pretty,” said Mitchell

If you are having a hard time finding people to do your hair for prom here are some people you can contact who do prom hair:


  • Jada Folden (765-891-1722)
  • Lauren Lasley (765-894-9266)
  • Kaylie Browning (Insta: kayliebrowning)
  • Loren Devol (Insta: hairbylorendevol)