2021 Winter Sports Banquet


Clara McQueen, Reporter

Here at Lebanon High School, we have many Winter sports and a lot of great athletes who are involved in them. The Winter sports banquet that was held on Monday March 15th, gives recognition to some of the athletes who have improved, had good sportsmanship, had good grades while being in their sport, who was the most valuable, or who was the best at a specific skill.


This year’s Winter sports banquet was a little different than usual. Due to covid, parents were not able to attend in person, but they could still watch live online and get the same information. Unlike the fall sports banquet, teammates got to sit next to each other rather than 3 seats apart, and all of the teams got to sit on the bottom half of the auditorium. Teams were still spaced out, but progress has been made compared to the Fall Banquet’s seating.


Overall, the Winter sports banquet was a success. Congratulations to all of the people who received awards which include;



Most Valuable: Lauren Cougar

Most improved: Mya Folden

Sportsmanship: Kinsey Bruder

Scholar Athlete: Lauren Cougar


Girls’ Basketball:

Most Valuable: Lyla Barr

Sportsmanship: Alexis Wines

Leading rebounder: Lyla Barr

Best defensive player: Lyla Barr

Highest free throw percentage: Alexis Wines

Scholar Athlete: Lyla Barr


Boys’ Basketball:

Most Valuable: The varsity team

Sportsmanship: Braden Robison

Leading rebounder: Hunter Crew

Highest free through percentage: Kayden Sloggett

Best defensive player: Reese Jones

Scholar Athlete: Braden Robison


Boy’s Swimming:

Most valuable: Zach Perrine

Most improved: Alex Whipkey

Sportsmanship: Mason Stillwell

Scholar athlete: Riley Newman


Girl’s Swimming:

Most valuable: Lauren Gascho

Most improved: Skylar Ritchie

Sportsmanship: Morgan Lawson

Scholar Athlete: Summer Stogsdil


Boy’s wrestling:

Most valuable: Nick Morgan

Most improved: Dalton Michael

Sportsmanship: Carson Toole

Scholar Athlete: Jeremy Mullins

Most take downs: Makai Smith

Most pins: Eli Fox


Girl’s wrestling:

Most valuable: Gracie Brandt

Most improved: Bethany DeGraw

Sportsmanship: Jazlyn Gramlin

Scholar Athlete: Sarah Huse

Most take downs: Sarah Huse and Jazlyn Gramlin

Most pins: Emerson Wolfbrandt

Margaret O’Brien tiger tender award: Kennedi Jones