Keeping Your Tan


Haley Pierce , Editor

While many people went on vacation during spring break, many came back with sun-kissed skin. Getting tan is not that easy for some people therefore when you get a tan, maintaining it is quite difficult. Now the question some people might have is how do I keep the sun-kissed or tan skin?

To preserve your tan and to make it last all year long, you need to understand that tanning is a process. For your tan to last as long as possible, you need to know not only how to keep a tan from fading but also how to properly tan.

Using a good tanning lotion is the best way to help make your skin dark, speed your tan, and boost your look. Many of these lotions will include bronzers and self-tanners that will work more quickly. These products can be a big help in getting a jump start on your color. Some of the outdoor tanning lotions even include sunscreen in the mix, so you can get color and protection in one bottle.

Moisturizing after tanning can help your skin stay replenished and keep your skin hydrated. Applying lotion seals your bronze look and soothes your skin.

While you are tanning make sure to exfoliate. This gets rid of dead skin cells that rest on the surface of your body.

Once you have the tan you desire, the last thing you want to do is ruin it with a shower after tan, let alone a hot shower. Consider cold showers rather than hot or warm ones as quick cool showers keep your tan from fading and keep your skin from drying out quickly.

It is extra important to keep yourself hydrated to maintain your tan for longer. The life of your skin cells expands when you drink the appropriate amount of water.

Peeling usually occurs with sunburns, not so much with suntans as peeling wont help your tan at all and will probably take it backwards hints why it is important to use sunscreen.