Yearbook Completed

Hallie Montgomery, Editor

The Cedars yearbook finished the 2020-2021 school yearbook on March 5th. It is the biggest group project and one of the most rewarding projects.

This yearbook is extraordinary because it is the first yearbook to be completed during a pandemic. Not only that but it is also their advisor’s last year which makes this book even more special.


“This is my 21st yearbook as being advisor here at Lebanon and I have loved every minute of it. It has made me a better teacher and I have made lifelong friends with students because they’ve meant so much. I am happy to give back to the school and community that I love which is what it is all about,” said Mrs. Kaz.


One of the Editor-In-Chiefs, Peyton Isenhower enjoyed her involvement and is grateful to have been in cedars these past two years.


“Everything is online and it was hard to interview everyone when we weren’t in school. Overall, it was a unique experience that no other yearbook staff has had,” said Peyton Isenhower.

Being in yearbook teaches you many life lessons and skills. Our advertisement editor was impacted immensely and learned many responsibilities.


“While being the advertisement editor, yearbook has taught me how to be professional with adults and has given me good business strategies,” said Irene Pollard.


Although they finished the yearbook, it isn’t quite done yet as they decided to do a spring supplement. The other Editor-In-Chief, Hunter Lietz wanted to do the spring supplement for the student body to see the rest of year.

“We wanted to do the supplement so we could cover spring sports and all the spring events. That way, graduating seniors don’t have to buy next year’s book,” said Hunter Lietz.

The spring supplement gives the junior reporters a great opportunity to get the feel of their role for next year’s position which is being an editor.


“I’m glad we’re doing the spring supplement because it lets seniors who are in spring activities still be able to have those memories in their own yearbook instead of it being in next year’s book,” said reporter Maggie Scott.