Summer Jobs

Summer Jobs

Cami Deakins, Reporter

As teenagers enter high school, the idea of getting a job becomes more realistic and most do get jobs for various reasons. The most common reason to get a job is to have extra money or to help out parents. However, having an all-year-round job can come with its downfalls while working in the summertime.


“It’s fun to work in the summer because it’s usually with my friends and I like money, but it sucks because it’s nice out and I’d rather be doing something else,” said junior Abbie Thomas.


Most students work during the school year during seasons where they are the least busy from sports or extracurriculars but they still continue working during the summer, which has its pros and cons.


“I would definitely recommend working in the summer because it’s a great time to make money, considering that’s when students have the most time so you don’t have to work during the school year if you don’t want to,” said junior Addison Cupka.


At this age, jobs are extremely beneficial to preparing teenagers for life after high school or college. A study conducted by Tara Struyk on Investopedia shows the top benefits of a summer job include confidence, building time-management skills, something to put on your resume, learn what you’re interested in, and building friendships and relationships.


“Having a summer job is a great way to make money or save money and you may not have to work too often but it’s not my favorite because I’d rather be hanging out with friends or enjoying the weather but I do like having spending money and I really do enjoy my job at Dairy Queen,” said junior Irene Ransom.


As students are getting older, it becomes nicer to have some extra cash in our pockets because the responsibility of paying for some things falls on us. A summer job can be extremely beneficial, but like most things it has its downsides. But if you want to have a summer job, focus on the good aspects and what you’re learning.