Big Orange Track Invitational

Big Orange Track Invitational

Cami Deakins, Reporter

On Saturday April 17, 2021, the Lebanon High school track team attended the Big Orange tournament. The girls team won first, a major comeback after no season last year, and the boys team won fourth.


“I had a great time at Big Orange even though it was on a Saturday. I was so happy we got first in 4×100, especially because we changed the order of runners last minute. I figured the girls would win because our team is pretty solid but there was still some great competition there,” said junior Maggie Scott.


Big Orange is an annual track meet that is on Lebanon’s schedule every year. They take the top two performers in each event and participate in the all-day meet, along with other schools like Hamilton Heights, Western Boone, Cass, Eastern, Tipton, Western, Northwestern and Maconaqah.


“I felt like both the girls and the boys came out and performed their best, there was just a few things that I would have liked to have gone differently for the boys to get first. But I’m glad the girls got first so people don’t overlook our Lebanon team,” said junior Riley Newman.


The girls finished with 125.33 points, with Webo taking second winning 59 points. Hallie Montgomery won first in both the 100 and 200-meter dashes along with participating in the 4×100 relay with Maggie Scott, Riley Jump, and Lexi Trepcos in which they took first as well.


The boys finished with 80 points behind Western, Eastern, and Northwestern. Makai Smith won third in high jump, Hunter Crew won first in discus and fourth in shot put. While they may have struggled to win first, they still brought a great team of throwers, jumpers, and runners.