Q&A with LCSC Superintendent Dr. Milliman!


Toby Meyer & Riley Jump, Reporters

Q: If you could give this school year a grade would it be?

A: “I would give this year a grade within the A range. Some days felt like D’s and F’s, but ultimately, I feel like we handled the uncontrollable situations to the best of our abilities.”


Q: Did this school year go the way you thought it would go?

A: “The beginning was rough, but I expected a rise in cases after spring break and we were fortunate enough to have the opposite. Boone County’s overall cases were going down and people were doing the right things when it came to protecting our school from COVID-19. It went better than I expected it to.”


Q: What COVID-19 guidelines from this school year will transfer over to at least the start of next year?

A: “We will remain in contact with the Boone County Health Department and follow Governor Holcomb’s executive orders closely. We can’t predict what the beginning of the school year will look like because it will be based on where we lie in the pandemic at that time. However, things are looking good and we are remaining optimistic.”


Q: How often was LCSC in communication with the Boone County Health Department?

A: “Toward the beginning we were in contact with the health department nearly every day. Now, it’s less constant and we may communicate with them once a week or so. The Boone County Health Department has really helped when it came to contact tracing within the school system.”


Q: Do you think things could have gone better this school year regarding COVID-19?

A: “I think things can always be better. I think we could have communicated better with staff, parents and students. Another thing that could have improved would be showing more appreciation toward the students and staff for all the struggles they pushed through this school year.”


Q: In a perfect world, what will the start of next school year look like?

A: “In a perfect world everything would be back to normal. Student sections will be back as well as the trike race and class meetings as we have had in the past. Hopefully the numbers keep improving in the community to help drive home getting back to normal.”


Q: How did COVID-19 change your daily work routine?

A: “It changed my work routine a lot. In the beginning stages, I was working from home which was an extremely different environment. It also changed my focus and not in a good way. I had to focus on the not so fun parts like quadrating students, contact tracing and constant communication with the health department and all LCSC faulty. My favorite part about working in a school corporation is being able to see all the students participating in events. I wasn’t able to do that this year and I stayed away from the buildings as much as possible to prevent more spreading of the virus.”