Spring Senior Night


Riley Jump & Cami Deakins, Reporters

As the school year comes to a close, so does the spring sports seasons, and senior nights for track, tennis, and softball. Tuesday May 4 was the track senior night for 21 seniors, Wednesday May 5 was the softball senior night for four seniors, and Thursday May 6 was the tennis senior night for three seniors.


“Going into my last home meet was bittersweet. It was sad that it was the last time I’d race on the track, but it was a great meet. I had fun and enjoyed competing at our home track. I was happy that I got to spend my last ever senior night with my family, friends, and teammates!” said senior track runner Summer Stogsdill.


Each of the seniors had their own boards with pictures, ribbons, and trophies of all of their accomplishments over the four years along with a book for their teammates, friends, and family to sign.


“It went really well. The captains and the coaches got us gifts which were very cute and all of the seniors were thankful for those. We weren’t able to hug anyone like we normally would on senior night because of COVID which was sad. Other than that, it went really well and I’m thankful for everyone who showed up!” said senior softball player Josie Hollingsworth.


After last year’s season was canceled due to COVID, the 2021 seniors decided to not take any moment for granted.


“I was super excited to finally get to have my senior night for tennis after not having a season last year. I wasn’t nervous about the match but more about the weather. Sadly we didn’t have the match but we all played really well against Webo on our make-up senior night. And we’re super excited about our conference win!” said senior tennis player Jessica Lehmkuhler.


In the final days of school, the seniors are reminiscing one last time over their last four years with their teammates and playing the sport they loved.