Crumbl Cookies Trend


Clara McQueen, Reporter

Crumbl Cookies in Fishers opened for the first time this year on January 14th, but little did anyone know that soon this little cookie shop would be one of the biggest trends.


With 140 locations nationwide, Crumbl cookies is a cookie shop where you can buy all sorts of flavors of cookies. What is unique about this cookie place is that they feature special flavors each week that they call “Cookies of the week.” Instead of a case full of hundreds of cookie flavors, this bakery only offers 6 flavors each week.  Each Sunday through social media Crumbl announces the new flavors. These change each week making it a fun surprise for customers.


The cookies of the week are what got them popular.


Crumbl cookies started getting super trendy on Tik Tok when videos started going viral of people trying their cookies and rating them. These videos come in handy for people who are new customers to Crumbl, and just want to see a brief description and taste test of the cookies.


People on Tik Tok such as @nicole.ludwig and @natalieeludwig have gotten famous just from doing these cookie reviews each week.


These videos are useful because you don’t want to spend your money on a cookie you won’t like, and these videos can save you from that.


Speaking of money, Crumbl’s prices are: $3.98 for one cookie, $13.98 for a box of four cookies, $19.95 for a 6-pack box, and $34.98 for a box of 12 cookies. These prices may sound expensive, but these cookies aren’t just ordinary cookies. Not only are the flavors unique, but the cookie itself is 6 ounces.


Here are some examples of unique flavors that crumbl has offered: animal cracker, raspberry cheesecake, cosmic brownie, muddy buddy puppy chow, salted Carmel cheesecake, lemon glaze, pink velvet, hazelnut churro, confetti cake, cookies n cream, and so many more.


If you haven’t already, head down to Crumbl cookies and try this week’s new flavors! You won’t regret it.