2021 NFL Draft


Brayton Bowen, Reporter

An exciting time for all NFL fans regardless of what team you root for is the off-season. Free agency and the NFL draft is how teams build their franchise to ultimately try to win them super bowls.


This year’s draft class was heavily offensive oriented as 18 of the 32 first round selections were offensive players. Something to note is that in recent years, the value of a quarterback has shot way up in terms of how high the top four to five quarterbacks go, even though they may not be worth to get picked that high.


Picks one, two, and three were all quarterbacks. Trevor Lawrence went first overall to Jacksonville, Zach Wilson second to the Jets, and Trey Lance going third to San Francisco. The Atlanta Falcons made history at pick number four by taking a tight end, Kyle Pitts from Florida. Pitts is now the highest selected tight end in NFL draft history.


Another notable pick in the draft was the 11th overall pick by the Chicago Bears as they traded up and got the extremely talented quarterback Justin Fields. Fields was considered on many draft board and pre-draft rankings as the second best quarterback available, so the Bears got a great player at an extremely good price.


“I think that the winner of the draft was definitely the Chicago Bears by far. Getting a guy like Justin Fields at the 11th pick is huge for them” said Sophomore Beau Burgin.


Now, talking about the hometown Indianapolis Colts, the Colts got the guy they have been wanting all off-season and all draft process long. Kwitty Paye is a very physical and powerful edge rusher, and edge rusher was arguably the Colts’ biggest need going into the draft. At pick 21, Paye was still available, and the Colts did not mess around with their pick. The Colts had their selection in within 30 seconds of being on the clock.


An interesting thought also about the Colts is that they took another edge rusher with their second-round selection. The Colts took Dayo Odeyingbo at pick 54 in the second round, causing many Colts fans to scratch their heads wondering why the Colts took another edge rusher. But as many scouting reports came out from other NFL teams after the draft had concluded, Odeyingbo was also the second or third best edge rusher on other team’s boards as well. The only reason why Odeyingbo fell to 54 is because he tore his Achilles in 2020, causing uncertainty with his health.


The 2021 NFL Draft class was nothing short of excitement as some teams always surprise us fans with crazy picks, trades, and much more. This draft class has an unreal amount of potential that will be extremely fun to see as these players develop.