Meet Ms. Shelby Lee


Cami Deakins (Senior) and Gavin Haines (Junior), Reporter and Editor

Lebanon High School is welcoming a large number of new teachers this year, including a whole new agriculture department. The new teachers come from many different places and come to Lebanon for many reasons.

“I have taught for about three years, one year at Clinton Prairie and two years at North Vermillion. Now I’m at Lebanon because I graduated from here in 2013 and know that I love the atmosphere,” said Ms. Lee.

Even though she is now a teacher, teaching was not always the number one choice for Lee. She had other interests, still in the agriculture business, but not teaching kids.

“I wanted to be a business seed salesman, which means I would’ve worked for a company that sold seeds of flowers, fruits, and vegetables. I guess I’ve always had an interest in agricultural related things so I’m not upset that I teach it now,” said Lee.

Growing up in Lebanon it’s not uncommon for agriculture to be an interest because of the rural area. Agriculture jobs are always open and interest in the agriculture business is ever-growing. To teach, you really have to love kids considering you will be around them all day. But teachers have many different reasons for wanting to do the job.

“My favorite thing about teaching is definitely getting to know the students. Everyone is different and in the agriculture classes, I get to meet such a variety of kids that it keeps the job interesting,” said Lee.