A Familiar Face to Lebanon, Ms. Burcham


Madison Van Howe (Senior) and Emaley Hughes (Senior), Reporter & Editor

Ms. Baylee Burcham is a familiar face to Lebanon returning back home to give back to her community. As a new teacher here at Lebanon High School and 8th grade cheer coach at the Lebanon Middle School, Ms. Burcham has a lot of experience with Lebanon itself. She graduated from LHS in 2017 after being a cheerleader and senior editor-in-chief for our very own Cedars Yearbook.

As a child, Burcham wanted to be a chef, but upon taking a college and career class in high school, she decided her heart was set on teaching.

“In the class we had to do a project where we were assigned different jobs, and had to research colleges,” said Burcham. “That’s how I got into teaching a little bit.”

Burcham spent her senior year at Ball State and student teaching for Mr. Jeff Smock and Mrs. Kristie Steinhofer’s classes. Smock had many tips for Burcham as she took her start into teaching. “Smock taught me that not every student will retain every little thing and that is okay,” said Burcham.

“As long as they take something away from the class that’s valuable to them, then you can alway reteach it later.”

Although Burcham studied history and geography, she ended up here at LHS to teach resource and special education.

“I decided that it was a little better to take a transition year and slowly transition into the job. Now being in the resource room I can learn more about special education.”

In five years Burcham sees herself teaching high school history, and still coaching cheer. “Cheer, and just clubs and sports in general, give students an outlet. When they need a little break, it’s something they love.” Other than coaching, outside of school, Burcham enjoys hanging out with her friends and family, walking her dog, and traveling to places like Myrtle Beach where her sister lives.

Burcham enjoys the idea of giving back to her community and getting to know each of her students. Her main priority as a teacher is to acknowledge every student and involve everyone in the classroom.

Burcham says her teaching philosophy is “No matter the student’s background, their knowledge level, or how smart they are, they always bring something to the classroom.”