Meet Mrs. McFauls


Brayton Bowen (Senior) and Jacob Susong (Junior), Reporter & Editor

As the 2021 school year is now in full swing, new faces and personalities are all around the school. One of the 12 new teachers and one of the three new agriculture teachers this school is Mrs. McFauls.

This is McFauls’ first teaching opportunity, and she is very excited the opportunity. Out of all of the teaching positions, McFauls choose to join us at LHS.

“The atmosphere here is something that is similar to where I grew up, so it’s something I enjoy,” said McFauls.

McFauls grew up in a small rural town where agriculture was a way of life and seemed to be common sense for the kids in the area. Coming to teach in an area where there is a good mix of rural and city is something that also excites her.

“The thing that I really have enjoyed so far is that not everyone knows about agriculture,” said McFauls.

One thing that McFauls is really looking forward to this school year is FFA. She and the other two agriculture teachers will be leading the Lebanon FFA in the 2021-22 school year.

“Being a leader in our FFA this year is something that I and the other two teachers in the agriculture wing are thrilled to do,” said McFauls.