Jack of All Trades, Miss Glassburn

Jack of All Trades, Miss Glassburn

Photographer? Teacher? Meet Miss Glassburn! She is right out of college and this is her very first year as a teacher. This year, she is teaching Food Science, Principles of Agriculture, and Horticulture and she is focused on making sure students have fun in her class and learn to use real-life skills.

As a teacher, she really enjoys doing theme days and getting involved with the students. Her best advice for students is for students to treat their teachers like their friends.

“I love the energy of the students,” expressed Glassburn.

Throughout this school year, she is hoping to grow the FFA (Future Farmers of America) program and gain more community support.

Glassburn mentioned, “I am hoping to take a field trip to Jones Greenhouse and soil pits.”

Some hobbies Miss Glassburn enjoys are going to the lake over the summer. She also enjoys doing wedding photography and videography with her family for the past two years. “I’m usually super busy from May to October with weddings,” stated Glassburn.

Miss Glassburn also mentioned that she spends a lot of time with her dog and during college she got a plant from one of her classes she took and five years later, it’s still alive. “I like my dog, Pete, and I’m a crazy plant lady.”

“My favorite part about the school so far is the supportive staff, especially as a first-year teacher, which really stood out to me,” said Glassburn.