Welcome Mr. Jacob Kessler!

Welcome Mr. Jacob Kessler!

You may know Jacob Kessler as the new band teacher but he’s so much more than that! He’s fresh out of Indiana University (IU). At IU he received his Bachelor’s degree in Music Education. That’s where his teaching career begins.

“I was in the marching band for four years at IU and the Drum Major for two of them.”

Kessler started marching band while he was at New Prairie high school. He played the French horn in concert band and he played trumpet which is what they put on his diploma. The French horn was his favorite because it was easier to hold notes on, unlike the trumpet.

“Exhausted” a word Kessler used plenty. With being the only one responsible for the band program now, putting a lot of time even past the school day to make sure things are thriving, and competing in the Indiana State competition, Kessler said “It’s been a lot, but it’s really worth it.”

Kessler says, if he could play any instrument and be good at it, it would have to be the bassoon. However, he says the hardest instrument to teach would have to be the oboe.

“No oboe is, and that went so hard that I played on it for three weeks in college and couldn’t make a sound.” Kessler said.

“It’s a lot closer, the kids seem to be friendly and teachers seem pretty friendly and the community itself seems super supportive of the school” Kessler said.