Meeting Mrs. Hiatt


Riley Jump (Senior) and Clara McQueen (Senior), Editor & Editor-in-Chief

New school year means new LHS staff and students. This year many new teachers and staff with unique backgrounds became a part of our tiger family. One of our new members is Mrs. Jocelyn Hiatt. Taking over the position of attendance secretary was a new experience for Hiatt, but she was more than excited to come join the LHS staff.

“Mr. Hiatt is already here and loves it, so I knew It would be a great place to work. Weirdly enough, I have always really liked doing secretary work. I like having a task, completing it, and moving on, so I truly enjoy doing that work and getting to interact with the students,” said Hiatt.

Before taking over this role, Hiatt was a stay-at-home mom with her two children. They love to garden and take care of the family chickens. Going into college at Ball State University, secretarial work was not her plan.

“Going into college my main goal was journalism. I wanted to be the editor of a magazine since I was in the yearbook staff at Oakhill,” said Hiatt.

Each school and experience are different for everyone. After seeing how well Mr. Hiatt loved his teaching and coaching positions here at LHS, Mrs. Hiatt was excited to join the family and get to know the students, athletes, and attend school functions. However, after taking the role of Secretary, Hiatt learned a lot more about the school that she didn’t know previously.

“All the classes the school offers are mind blowing to me just compared to what I’m used to. So just seeing all the kids that leave school and do different things is really cool for me,” said Hiatt.