Math Team Welcomes a New One, Ms. Bongiorno


All the way from Fresno, California; LHS welcomes Ms. Bongiorno. She moved to Lebanon about two months ago. Feeling at ease with the transition, she’s extremely excited to be here.

“I just love the community vibe; and the togetherness the students and staff have,” said Ms. Bongiorno.

Teaching wasn’t always her first passion. Although she always wanted to help people and being able to impact people’s lives was always her priority, her first love may surprise you.

“I’ve always loved helping kids and people, but I first wanted to be a parole officer, I switched to teaching because I wanted to help people before they got into trouble,” Bongiorno said.

Ms. Bongiorno being a California native loves the beach and unique west coast cuisine. When asked what she likes about Indiana, her answer was very unique.

“I really really like the rain we have, coming from California we have all of those fires and it’s very dry there; so, it’s nice to get away from that,” Said Bongiorno

“I’m excited to be here and ready for a great year,” Ms. Bongiorno said.