Wolfgang is Back


Toby Meyer (Senior) and Reese McCoy (Senior), Editor & Editor-in-Cheif

As some of you may know, Mrs. Wolfgang is back as an english teacher and yearbook coordinator this year. She was here two years ago before she moved to the middle school to teach, but now she’s back.

While Mrs. Wolfgang loved teaching at the middle school, she is very happy to be back.

“I consider this more my home,” said Wolfgang.

She also said college was her first experience with the middle school when she subbed there, which she was not a fan of at the time.

“I was like I would rather die than teach middle school!,” said Wolfgang.

Coming back, Mrs. Wolfgang is picking up right where she left off, even back in the same room with some of the same decorations, which was apparently all part of a master plan.

“I totally left all my stuff, I left stuff in the cabinet. I was like, I am totally coming back,” said Wolfgang. 

Along with picking back up in the same room she is also doing the yearbook for the high school, which she was supposed to take over right before she left. However this isn’t her first time, she actually has done the yearbook at two of the other schools she’s taught at.

She feels as though the yearbook is a perfect fit for her because she said she likes to do project-based learning. Like outside of school, if you didn’t know, Mrs. Wolfgang runs the Little Black Box Theater which is “big projects all the time”.

Some freshman might know Mrs. Wolfgang very well because the two years she was at the middle school she taught seventh and eighth grade and now she’s teaching ninth and twelfth so students could have had her for the past three years.