Meet Ms. Walker


Cami Deakins (Senior) and Lindsey Mount (Senior), Editor & Reporter

Friendly face, kind heart. Meet Ms. Walker. The secretary at the Lebanon High School.

Ms. Walker would travel to Alaska, but not just to go there. “If I could go anywhere in the world, I would pick Alaska because my late husband and I were to go there for our 25th anniversary, but he passed away before we could,” said Walker.

While in high school, Ms. Walker had some of her favorite memories while in marching band. “My favorite memory is marching band, I played the clarinet, and from there I went to flags to riffle to poms, which is the highest level,” said Walker.

Most students have enjoyed the friendly new face they see first thing in the morning and Walker has said something very similar.

“My favorite part about working in the office is being able to see all the students walk in every day and I love having summers off,” said Walker.