Living Through the Motions with Ms. Smith

Living Through the Motions with Ms. Smith

New year, new principal’s secretary. To her, the best qualities of a secretary are multi-tasking, patience, and flexibility.

“I would say the one quality I’m best at is multi-tasking”, stated Ms. Smith.

Ms. Smith is a single mom with two kids, Leann and Parker. Her favorite part about her job is getting involved and spending her time with the students here at LHS.

“I am hoping to go to some of the football games this school year,” said Smith.

Fun fact, she also loves adrenaline-rushing activities! Over the summer, she flew to Colorado for her 29th birthday in June. While there, she went skydiving for her first and only time, mainly to see the beautiful views from the sky.

“Doing a front-flip off of the plane was definitely my favorite part of that experience,” said Smith.

She is her father’s only daughter, thus it felt like her duty to go into the military where she served in the Army for eight years. While being deployed, she visited a third world country that opened her eyes and helped her realize a lot about life. She was one of the very few women able to go to Kuwait. She was deployed in 2018 to Iraq and stayed there just through 2019.

“I loved it there, I’m truly a boy in my heart.” Said Smith.

She hopes to continue pursuing her unique hobbies, with visiting Ireland soon and riding her new motorcycle. Due to her life experiences, she has made it a priority to pass her life lessons on to her kids. Enlightening them to live and live through the motions and not be mundane is significant to her.

“Don’t miss out on anything you want for yourself. Life is so short,” said Smith.