Expanding LHS: Mrs. Samantha Pfeil


Maddy Summers (Junior), Reporter

Many new staff members have started at LHS this school year, one of them being Samantha Pfeil. Let’s get to know her.

Samantha Pfeil is the new speech language pathologist teacher. She teaches at the high school Tuesday’s and Wednesday’s, and at the middle school Monday’s, Thursday’s, and Friday’s. Coming from a family rich in teaching, Mrs. Pfeil was inspired greatly.

“I have six teachers in my family including my mother and one of my brothers,” said Pfeil.

Teaching is something Pfeil has wanted to do for years. She truly enjoys working with kids and making them the best versions of themselves they can be. Helping out and pushing students towards independence, are goals of hers while making sure they have as much fun as possible.

“I have three wishes for my students. To be independent, to be happy, and to communicate effectively. Whether that be through art, sports, community leadership, or an assertive device,” said Pfeil.

While working, she incorporates students’ interests and figuring out the way they learn best into the process. Pfeil always tries to make learning as functional as it can be while using her students and family as motivators, she reaches towards performing impactful lessons.

“I always want to do the best job that I possibly can and I absolutely hate letting anyone down,” said Pfeil.

As passionate and interested she’s in for teaching and helping others, she has always had a passion for football, especially college football, since she was a kid.

“I am a Notre Dame diehard and have been attending games since I was seven-ish. My Saturdays consist of waking up and watching football from noon to midnight,” said Pfeil.

Experience is something Mrs. Pfeil has had a lot of in her high school and college days. She was a cheerleader, has been involved in many social activities including being in a sorority, and also has made many friends. She has made lots of memories throughout these years.

“The most memorable part of high school for me was cheering Friday night football games followed by parking lot dance parties and trips to Steak-n-Shake! My senior year our football team made it to state and I got to be on the sidelines in Lucas Oil, it was incredible,” Pfeil said.

Due to her Love of working with kids, helping them learn as much as they can, and teaching running in the family, Mrs. Pfeil knew she wanted a career in education.

“I love working with kids. I knew I wanted to find a career in which I could help students to learn, better themselves, and have fun. Once I figured out a classroom full of students was not what I wanted, I looked for something more specialized. That’s when I found speech pathology. I also love the school schedule,” said Pfeil.