Ad Astra’s Debut


Wyatt Boyett (Junior), Reporter

Many of you have either heard or seen something about “Ad Astra” or “To The Stars” in English, they are the new band in town and are super excited for you to learn more about them.

Ad Astra has already been interviewed by Radio Mom and are racking up the monthly listeners in just a few weeks after dropping their first album.

Nathan Allen, Emma Hornbecker, Reeder Vyain, and Josh Zamora are the amazing musicians who are apart of Ad Astra. Emma, who is an amazing singer, sings solo on Ballad one of the songs in the Ad Astra

We were also able to interview Josh who said his favorite song would have to be Monobloc, because he created that song and play the drums on it too.

Also, a lot of people may or may not know what an EP is. An EP is an Extended Play, or basically “a preview of what a band is really all about,” said Hornbecker.

Zamora said, “It means a great amount to their band imbedding the idea that nothing is impossible when it comes to their band. The stars are the limit when it comes to us.”

Josh and Emma were able to talk to me about how much Reeder and Nathan do. Reeder wrote three of the songs and Nathan mixed all of the songs on the Ad Astra EP. Nathan has mixed many of Tucker Ransom songs as well.

The band was created from a simple idea from Nathan and Reeder. With the thought of wanting to have fun over the summer and maybe create some songs and just have fun together. So, they started creating songs and finding people to sing on a couple of their songs and maybe add a couple other musicians. Then they found Emma a talented young individual who was just who they were looking for.

Emma was then added to the group! Which then was decided that she should 100% sing on a couple of the songs and in the final product she ended up since harmony on all of them.

They then created 5 songs, Devil’s Playthings, Lies Become Me, Ballad, Spaceman and Monobloc. They now plan on creating more next summer including a new album and “whatever else happens.” Said Zamora

Ad Astra has started expanding further and further into each of their lives as well. Emma has said that ever since their EP dropped, she’s started talking to her friends more and having her now being in a band be a bigger part of her life.

“No matter what type of music you like you should listen to the EP,” said Emma. “Every song is different and since the five songs are so different, I promise you will like something!” said Emma.