Communities Come Together in Hard Times


Gavin Haines (Junior), Reporter

Tragedy struck two high schools the evenings of August 23th and August 29th. Western high School’s Trevor Buckley and Triton’s Cameron Fairchild were both killed in car crashes leaving communities mourning and families at a loss.

At Friday’s game against Danville, the Tigers wore the colors of the schools to honor and pay respect for them. The student section leaders and Danville came together to support Western and Triton. Senior Maggie Scott had this to say;

“We wanted to support them because we would want the same if our school was in that situation and we wanted the schools to feel like they had other corporations behind them; as a leader of the student section, I felt it was important to honor Cameron and Trey,” said Scott.

Paying tribute to Western and Triton took the place of Hawaiian night. That will now be moved to the basketball season. This Friday’s game against North Montgomery will be USA themed.

“The student section has been amazing, I thought it was special what we did for Western and Triton. I thought it really showed what LHS was all about, we just want people to know we’re one big family,” said student section leader Michelle Horvat.