The Science Halls Newest Face, Mr. Stippich


Clara McQueen (Senior), Editor

Everyone welcome Mr. Scott Stippich, the newest addition to our LHS science program.

Stippich is a Ben Davis graduate who then went off to study wildlife biology at Purdue University. He worked as a biologist for the USDA Wildlife Services on Purdue’s campus for three years, and then attended an animal trapping school before he switched to teaching.

“I chased birds downtown or harassed them off of buildings, it was cool,” said Stippich.

In his free time, Stippich enjoys watching his sons play sports. He has one 15 and 17-year-old son, who play tennis and football. Another thing Stippich enjoys doing is going on exciting family vacations.

“Last year we drove up to Seattle, went to some national parks, and did some whale watching. It was very fun,” said Stippich.

Before Stippich came to LHS, he taught at Tri-West Middle School and Pike. He is very excited to be teaching an older group of students this year since he is so used to teaching middle schoolers. He got the call to come teach at LHS just two weeks before school started, but he saw the opportunity and took it.

“It just seemed like it was the right fit for me,” said Stippich.

Stippich is very excited to be teaching at LHS this year, but some things he had to learn was how to use is Canvas. At his previous school’s he only used google classroom, and now has to figure out how to deal with the confusion of canvas. Another thing that has changed for Stippich is not being the only teacher who teaches Biology.

“It’s different for me because when I taught at Tri-West, I was the only teacher who taught what I taught. Now it’s easier because I get to talk with the other teachers and plan with them,” said Stippich.