LHS Student Section: Be Loud or Sit With Your Mom


Emma Bailey (Junior), Reporter

Everyone loves going to football games but some people may not understand how behind the scenes of the football games work. Such as the student section or what the student section is.

“The student section has been around for years and hopefully many more,” said Senior Sydnie Stevenson.

The student section is a group of student fans that participate in showing school spirt by cheering and dressing up for the games. There are leaders for the student section so that everyone knows when to cheer/the right cheers, what the dress up theme is, and the leaders keep everyone in line and organized.

“The student section leaders are Cami Deakins, Matthew Duerkson, Mya Folden, Riley Jump, Will Lloyd, Reese McCoy, Toby Meyer, Riley Newman, Maggie Scott, Sydnie Stevenson, Kameron Skobel, Ella Taylor, Abbie Thomas, and Me,” said Senior Michelle Horvat.

The leaders are usually seniors that are specifically picked by the student council. The student council will go through a list of seniors that have showed tiger pride through their high school career.

“The best way to get the information for the games is on our Instagram or Twitter, the page is called LHSrolltigers,” said Senior Maggie Scott

The student section leaders pick the themes for the football games but before they can announce the themes they’re going to use; they have to get them approved by Phil. After it’s all approved, they will post the themes.

“My favorite part about being in the student section are the cheers and chants,” said Junior Laney Rusk.

The cheers and chants that are said during the football games have been passed down from generations of student sections and are traditions now. Dina Malagon’s favorite cheer is “The one we do when we get a touchdown, when we throw a person up for each point we get.”

“If you show up for the games and cheer loud in the student section, it boosts the teams moral,” said Senior Kameron Skobel.

Having Tiger Pride is important because it gets everyone connected and involved. You can show support for the school by participating in the sports games, being loud and enthusiastic and having fun.

“Roll Tigers,” said Senior Reese McCoy.