Hoco Go Loco


The only dance that Lebanon High school had last year was Prom, and even that dance had required masks. So, the excitement and buzz for this year’s Homecoming dance is at an all-time high. Only the current juniors and seniors have attended a Homecoming dance, so half of the school doesn’t know what to expect.

“Because of COVID last year, we got a homecoming game, but no dance. I was really disappointed because I have heard about how fun homecoming is and I have yet to go,” said sophomore Sydnie Starkey.

The week of homecoming is September 25th-October 2nd, with the game on that Friday, October 1st, followed by the dance the next day. The whole week is going to be filled with fun activities like the trike race, dress-up days, and hopefully powder-puff football.

“We’re really enthusiastic about a variety of themes for floats among classes and the dance itself. Student Council is working really hard to plan homecoming week, including the themes for everyone and bringing excitement to the school, especially for freshmen and sophomores who haven’t had a real homecoming experience,” said senior Chloe Beltran.

The theme for homecoming is “Uncharted Territory” with each class doing a different subdivision. The seniors have chosen jungle theme, juniors chose space theme, sophomores chose under the sea, and freshmen haven’t decided yet.

“The senior class is doing float building on two different days. We decided to build it at the Acton’s house because Neil is a senior and they also offered their trailer for us to build on. I know all the grades are very excited to put together a float and have a friendly competition, especially because we didn’t get to do this last year,” said senior Abbie Thomas.

The homecoming football game is against the Crawfordsville Athenians and we are hoping to pull out a win, as alumni will be attending the game.

“I know we’re going to work especially hard to win that game because it’s a big deal and we want to make everyone proud to be supporting Lebanon,” said senior Max Williams.