LHS Back to Mask Mandate


Toby Meyer (Senior), Editior-in-Chief

Starting on September 15, 2021, Lebanon High School will require all students and anyone else in the building will be required to wear a face mask as COVID-19 surges back up in Boone County. The mask mandate will last until the Friday before fall break, October 22nd.

“I’m not very mad because I had gotten so use to not having to wear them again,” said senior Irene Ransom.

The mask mandate will eliminate close contacting and keep students and staff in school for sporting events, homecoming festivities and much more.

“I personally think it should be everyone’s decision. Even though it already was and people were starting to be sent home left and right, I still think it should be everyone’s personal opinion,” said junior Michael Strode. “I am just going to do what they tell me to do, and I’ll wear it if I have to.”

This decision comes shortly after many other high schools around central Indiana went back to a mask mandate such as Zionsville, Carmel, Westfield and Brownsburg.

“It’s just upsetting to me and some others. I also understand we are doing it to lessen the chance of COVID, but also so we don’t have to close contact. I think it’s ridiculous because we can still get COVID with the mask on it’s just not as likely,” said senior Leah Bashor. “So if we stop close contacting we could have other kids that are asymptomatic that should’ve been close contacted and now are spreading it to others.”

Many students are content with it as it will keep their friends in school and allow everyone to have the chance to experience a homecoming week this year and all that comes with it. It also keeps sporting events and all other typical extra curriculars that come with this week of traditions in play.

“I don’t really mind wearing a mask at school. The masks are helping reduce the spread of the virus and keeping people in school so they don’t miss out on anything,” said junior John Gascho.