Spirited, Respectful, Openhearted: Officer Richey


Sofia Argotte (Senior), Reporter

Officer Richey is dedicated to protecting, while also educating all of the students here at LHS. Learning from interactions, he especially enjoys hanging out with students.

“It was something that just felt right to me,” said Richey.

Checking up on kids, ensuring their safety, along with his given flexibility are his favorite parts about his job. He appreciates the extra help from fellow staff, especially guidance counselors.

“I truly think we have the best counselors and staff here, especially with all of their support and help,” said Richey.

Officer Richey first started out at the jail in his early 20’s, he helped mentor and guide the inmates to better decisions. Most of the inmates said they wished somebody was there like an SRO when they were younger. They mentioned how talking about their problems and emotions could have helped lead them onto a better path.

“While at the jail, I mentored mainly 18- and 19-year old’s during group talks,” said Richey.

The SRO program started about four years ago. At first, there were three officers who switched between all of the LCSC schools. Currently, each school has their own SRO to focus on each individual school.

“Chief Steve Smith really did all the leg work for it,” said Richey.

Part of his job is taking students home if needed, they are his biggest priority and he makes sure of that. He favorites classroom presentations and interacting with the students one-on-one.

“Making sure all students are safe at all times is my biggest priority,” said Richey.

Officer Richey is known as a dedicated and compassionate staff member throughout LCSC and especially Lebanon High School. His repeated actions to ensure the school and students safety has been noticeable all of the years he has been here.

“Be more generous with each other, especially with your time and helping out each other. It really can go a long way,” something said Officer Richey encourages everyone to do more.