NFL and College Football Update


Brayton Bowen (Senior), Editor

As the fall season starts to come around, that can only mean one thing, football season. The NCAA, which is college football, has completed three weeks of play, with a few teams that have completed four. The NFL has completed its first two games of the inaugural 18 game season. With lots of amazing finishes and exciting plays.

To start, college football is what excites a good portion of football fans, and all the students at the individual universities and their alumni. Some would say that college football is more exciting to watch than NFL football.

Senior Max Williams, who is a football player at LHS, watches college football and NFL football every weekend. Williams is a huge Indiana University and Indianapolis Colts fan.

“I am personally more of a college football fan because there is more hype around the games and home-field advantage means so much more in college football,” said senior Max Williams.

In the most recent associated press rankings, Alabama tops the list, followed by Georgia, Oregon, and Oklahoma. Local teams such as Notre Dame and Indiana have also been seen in the rankings respectively.

“I think that unfortunately, Alabama will end up winning the College Football Playoff again this season. I hope that one of the other teams that we are not used to seeing in the College Football Playoff can somehow beat Alabama,” said senior Max Williams.

Since the very first season of the CFP, which was 2015, Alabama has won the championship three times and has made the championship game another two times.

In the NFL, only two of the eighteen weeks have been completed. This makes it hard to say who is good as a team, and who are the individuals that are performing well.

The division leaders after two weeks include the Bills, Raiders, Steelers, Titans, 49ers, Washington Football Team, and the Bears.

The hometown favorite Indianapolis Colts are 0-2 to start the season, with tough losses versus two very good football teams. The Colts lost a heartbreaker game in Week two against the Los Angeles Rams and lost a close game in week one against the Seahawks.

“The Colts have played two extremely good teams in their first two games. Which is frustrating as a fan because you always want to see your favorite team start strong, but the colts have come close twice and just have finished a game yet,” said senior Max Williams.