Charisma at the 50’s Festival


Emma Bailey (Junior), Reporter

It’s about to be Show Choir season and Lebanon High School’s Charisma is here for it. Charisma’s schedule is filling up with upcoming performances and the excitement is starting to set in.

“I’m just so glad to be performing finally. After COVID things have been moving very slow for the Show Choir, but I’m happy we’re almost about to start our season, because we’ve be practicing a lot,” said junior Emma Brown.

Charisma has been preparing for the start of the season by learning new chorography, they’re working on making sure every move is sharp and clean. Charisma is trying to work better as a team instead of performing as individuals. Their first show was September 18th at the Back to the 50’s Entertainment Festival. Other upcoming events include the LHS Invitational on January 22nd, Edgewood High School on February 5th, Pike MusicFest on February 12th, Mooresville High School on February 26th, and Brownsburg High School on March 12th.

“I’m looking forward to showing everyone what we’ve been working so hard on the past month and a half, it will also be a test run to see how this season will go,” said junior Mallory Kaylor.

At the back to the 50’s Festival, show choir preformed numerous songs, such as Can’t Fight the Moon Light, Fly Me to the Moon, a New Day, and the Sun is Never Going Down. Their theme was Eclipse and their performance was located at the Circle Drive stage outside of the Community Buildings. They’ve been preparing since the beginning of the school year for this Festival.

“My favorite thing about the 50’s Festival is the food, music, and entertainment. Last year I even won the Twist Contest,” said Brenda Haskett.

The 27th Annual Back to the 50’s Festival included many different booths and entertainment performances. In the booths they were selling everything from popcorn to demolition derby race cars. The festival took place on September 17th through September 18th from nine a.m.- nine p.m. The entertainment section included a costume dress parade, a magician, and several different bands and competitions.

“The 50’s Festival is always a great time. It brings the community together. It’s the reason I love Lebanon so much,” said Scott Herring.