JV Girls and Boys Soccer Win Home Invitational


Sandybel Paz (Junior), Reporter

The JV boys’ and girls’ soccer team had their first home win in the tournament on September 11th.  The JV boys were up against Tri-West and Lafayette Central Catholic, while the JV girls were up against Tri-West and Park Tutor.

“Tri-West was the hardest team to play against. They had good foot skills and they were fast,” said freshman Cade Klinger.

At the beginning of the second boys’ game against Tri-West, the ref said he does not give out yellow cards because it builds character, according to Wyatt Boyett.

Yellow cards in soccer are when a foul is to a certain extreme, which a yellow card being a warning and a red card being you’re out for the next two or three games.

“It felt really good to win, especially after the super hard game we had, the wind was blowing super hard, and we were up against the wind in the first half, so we were super tired the second half and just getting that first goal to kind of secure our spot as champions really was a good experience and a good feeling,” said junior Wyatt Boyett said.

The JV girls team won in a shoot-out, with their goalie who hadn’t played before. Karlee Roberts scored her first goal and the team had Addison Loller back after being quarantined.

“The hardest team to play against was probably Tri-West, we just couldn’t get any. It was just zero, zero the whole games, and it was just really hard because we’re both like the same level so its really hard getting any goals in,” said freshman Karlee Roberts.

This was JV’s second year in a row winning the tournament for the girls.

“I feel like I’m doing good, as a freshman being able to start on JV and being an alternative for varsity is really exciting and just having the playing time is fun,” said freshman Breanna Stratton.