College Go! Week


Cami Deakins (Senior), Editor


College Go! Week is the week of September 20th-September 24th where certain colleges offer free applications. It’s a great opportunity for seniors to get involved in the application process for college.

“I think College Go! Week is a great opportunity for our grade to get started toward college. The only problem is that most of the colleges I’m applying to are not on the list for free applications but I know that there are some on there that other people are applying to that could save them a lot of money,” said senior Irene Ransom.

An announcement in Canvas to the class of 2022 has attached the list of colleges taking part of College Go! Week and some have codes to use to be able to get the free application. Most college applications cost around $50, which can add up quickly when applying to multiple colleges.

“This opportunity has definitely gotten me excited to start on my applications. I’m trying to help my family out as much as I can and I know other students are trying to also, so I think this is a wonderful thing that every senior should take part in if their college is on the list,” said senior Maren Devlin.

College Application Week is part of Indiana’s annual College Go! initiative that takes place each August through November with information and resources designed to help Hoosier’s plan for education beyond high school. The official “College Go!” takes place the last week of September.

“I’m very happy that this week is something that Indiana offers because I know it benefits the kids and their families a lot. I strongly encourage every senior to at least look at the list of colleges and try to take part in College Go! Week. It will only benefit them,” said counselor Ms. Lewis.