It’s Not Over


Lindsey Mount (Senior), Reporter


Senior Brynn Hensley and graduate Tucker Ransom wrote a musical, “Even When We’re Gone” over the summer.

“I encourage everyone to channel their energy into a special activity,” said senior Brynn Hensley.

“The Black Box had presented the idea of a student lead production festival, and honestly the concept of Brynn and I doing a musical using my songs started out as a joke, but as you can see, we took that joke completely seriously and made it happen,” said graduate Tucker Ransom.

“So much in media about high school and teenagers that isn’t accurate, so I wanted to write about how it actually is,” said Hensley.

“The part I will never forget is the first sing-through of the show. The show was done with music Nathan Allen and I had written and released previously just for my own albums, but hearing my friends sing them in the context of the show gave the songs new meanings and it was so cool to hear their take on my songs,” mentioned Ransom.

“I’d say my favorite part about the musical was new ideas and collaborating with Tucker. One thing I really enjoyed was being able to look over at Tucker and you could see when he got an idea,” said Hensley.

“It was surreal! We had less than a month to write, rehearse, and perform the show and so everything happened very quickly,” said Ransom. “It didn’t hit me until the dress rehearsal the day before the show that it was actually happening and a piece of theatre created by Brynn and I that was starring our friends was actually happening for an audience. Only being able to do it once though felt like a tease! After the show ended, I was ready to do it fifty more times!”