Lebanon High School’s Work Based Learning Program


There are numerous opportunists for kids to get familiar with their long-term careers, such as the internship program. The internship program is a period of work experience to help the seniors can understand more about the next step in their lives.

“Overall, it’s been a great experience and it’s more complex than I thought. It’s been a lot of shadowing and listening to figure everything out. I 100% recommend it,” said senior Ryan Keith.

There are many different internship opportunities and placement sites for the students at LHS. A couple placement sites include Grand Park, Lebanon Police Department, and Radio Mom. One of the bigger internship programs is working at Witham Hospital. The main teachers for these programs are Kristin Scott and Jennifer Hines.

“I think it’s a great benefit for kids who want to go into the medical field because you can use the internship hours as experience. When the students go to nursing school, they can use those hours. It also helps kids decide if they want to continue being in the medical field before they waste a bunch of money on college,” said teacher Jennifer Hines.

The Health Science pathway is a three-year experience so, students have to take Principles of Healthcare their sophomore year and then Mrs. Hines will take 30 students from that class and move them on to Medical Terminology. After Medical Terminology she only takes 15 kids to enter the internship program. At the hospital there are many different stations you can go into, such as Radiology, the ER, and Biomedical Engineering.

At Grand Park, students learn the day-to-day operations that they do throughout the sports complex. You get to see the sports management side, sports marketing side, what they do to organize events and plan around all the fields and all the sports season.

“I highly recommend going to Grand Park because they show you different places to work in, and it will show you what you actually, truly want to do with sports,” said senior Michelle Horvat.