Senior Dinner Party Preview


Emaley Hughes (Senior), Reporter

The senior dinner party is an annual tradition held at LHS. It is a black tie, semi-formal dinner for LHS seniors only. Putting together the event is a lot of work. They review old Senior Dinner parties and discuss parts that the committee would like to use. They have worked hard to find activities and ways to involve all students.

Senior class sponsor, Carmen Cannon had a lot to say about the event. Some basic information such as, the Senior Dinner Party will be held in the community room at LHS. Cost, at this time, is unknown.

“The invitations will be sent out on canvas for sign-ups, students will be able to pay online or in cash. When signing up you will pick a table. If you are wanting to sit with friends, make sure you choose the same table as them. Tables will be first come, first serve and you are able to select who you sit with,” said sponsor Camren Cannon.

The Senior Dinner party begins at 6:00pm on November 6th, and the end time is undetermined as of right now. During the event, there will be a variety of acts, such as, dinner, activities, prizes, and performances.

“It is a fun celebration of your senior year that is a tradition here at LHS. This is an event that you will always remember,” said sponsor Carmen Cannon.

Majority, if not all of the senior class is planning on attending the event, and anticipation is high!

“I am super excited to go. I can’t wait to dress up and get pictures. I am most excited about all the games we will play,” said senior Allison Sims.

“I am very excited and mostly for being with each other as a grade again like we were in 8th grade, all together. Also, the fun games,” said senior Kylie Kadel.

“I am attending the Senior Dinner party. I am very excited to be attending because I am looking forward to having a good time hanging out with my friends,” said senior Maleigha Howard.