Met Gala and VMA’s


Wyatt Boyett (Junior), Reporter

The Met Gala, typically held on the first Monday in May, is the biggest fashion night of the year and continues to peak the interests of many photographers and fashion designers.

The theme for this year was American Fashion, which gave a good number of celebrities their own ideas for outfits. Each of them really putting their own twist on the theme for the night; or completely dodging the theme in general.

Being a part of the Met Gala is very random. Especially because your invitation depends on popularity and relevance during the time of the event. Most of the time only the buzziest celebrities are the ones invited, some of the big names that were seen were Dixie D’Amelio, Kim Kardashian, Lil Nas X, and Frank Ocean.

Many of the outfits that appeared at the Met Gala were jaw dropping. Lil Nas X just was of the main head turners. He first showed up in a giant Versace gown/robe which then turned into a golden set of armor, that then turned into a one piece with diamonds embedded in it.

There was so much amazing energy that was radiated on that night. So many of the artists and designers finally getting to see their work in action and the celebrities getting to strut their stuff. (As you can see above)

With such an interesting variety and compilation of style, opinion, and celebrities, the Met Gala is planned to have “part two” in May. With many popular icons missing out on the event, there must be a second chance to show off their style. We missed out on the outfits from Nicki Minaj, Ariana Grande, Harry Styles, Kylie Jenner, and Zendaya.

One of my fellow pennant members, Sandeybel said, “Gigi Hadid was the best dressed at the Met Gala.”

Gigi was wearing a stunning dress that was a slick white and really made her hair pop.

But Ava Lehmkuhler said “Gigi missed the theme. Along with many others in the Met Gala, which seems to be a reoccurring thing for these types of things.”

Most cannot wait for the second chance for some of the celebrities in May and are very excited to see more, including Ronaldo Bernal-Santos and Audrey Patterson.

The VMAs are another popular event/award show for fashionistas to show their talents; and is usually held by the cable channel MTV in late August or mid-September to honor the best in the music medium.

A certain name that made a big appearance really showing up again at the VMAs was wearing a purple, sparkly, pantsuit paired with a freshly made head of hair and light purple painted nails. Some would say Lil Nas X was not dressed nearly as amazing as the Met Gala but still out dressing many others. A classic move from him.

But in Sandeybel’s opinion, “No one could possibly outdress Megan Fox and Machine Gun Kelly and were probably the best-looking couple out there.”

Machine Gun Kelly was wearing Dolce & Gabbana and Megan in Mugler were a lot of the time the spot of the show. Posting about their outfits on Instagram which gained a TON of popularity.

If you haven’t watched or shown interests in any of the fashion nights especially if you are striving to become or do anything in fashion, I would really recommend it, especially with the gain of popularity around this time of the year.