Reese McCoy (Senior), Editor

Most students and teachers at LHS already know who Mr. Gould is, but for those who don’t he is a 9th and 12th grade english teacher and he has been here the longest out of the current LHS staff with 33 years under his belt. After this semester he’s going to be retiring. 

As I said Mr. Gould is a freshman and senior english teacher, so for most people he is one of the first faces you see coming into the high school, and then one of the last you see before leaving.

“The best part about teaching is when you see somebody gain understanding that they didn’t have. when you can see that somebody was struggling with a concept or an idea, and all of a sudden they get that Eureka look,” said english teacher Mr. Gould.

So for a teacher so passionate about his job what could possibly cause him to leave? Well, soon Mr. Gould will in the great state of Florida where his wife got a new job. At the end of the school year last year he and his wife went to a job fair in Florida and “it was kind of like, well, go for it,” said Gould.

If you’re wandering why he’d be leaving in the middle of the year, it’s because of  his commitment to the school. He said “I didn’t want to just say okay I’m done I wanted to at least get one last semester in,” said Gould. 

After 33 years Mr. Gould has had the chance to have children of past students as students which gives him a real connection to teaching at LHS and he said retiring from teaching is almost like another walk off to college. 

One of his favorite memories of being a teacher at LHS was “Being able to hug my kids when they walked on Stage. I had three of my kids graduate from the LHS and since I was a senior sponsor I had the opportunity to share that moment with them,” said Gould.